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No victory party once Marawi is cleared of terrorists: Duterte
MANILA — No victory celebration of any kind will be held once the remaining Maute Group terrorists are eliminated from Marawi City, President Rodrigo Duterte told troops engaged in the ongoing clearing operations in the city during his visit Thursday.
"He (Duterte) also told troops that the end is near and they should persevere further in their efforts to totally liberate the city from the terrorists. And once this is accomplished, he does not want any celebration or party as those killed are also Filipinos," Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief-of-Staff Gen. Eduardo Año said Friday.
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Blame dietary habits, not genes, for toothache: study
WASHINGTON — Your mother was right. The condition of your teeth depends on your dietary and oral hygiene habits, not your genes, according to a new study out Wednesday that looked at the role that genes and the oral microbiome play in the formation of cavities.
"Limiting sugar consumption and acid buildup in the mouth have been part of the dogma of the dental community for some time," said senior author Karen Nelson, president of the J. Craig Venter Institute, whose study was published in the US journal Cell Host & Microbe.
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