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CCP visual arts head resigns

The head in visual arts division of the Cultural Center of the Philippines has resigned after senators asked CCP officials to step down due to the controversial "Kulo" and "Poleteismo" art exhibit in the CCP.
Visual Arts director Karen Ocampo-Flores submitted her resignation right after the controversial exhibit was closed on Monday.
"Before the Kulo installation art was staged, we had already been planning to put on exhibit an 'alternative art form' that is in line with the celebration of UST's 400 years, and that is also considering Rizal's 150th birthday," said Flores.
She added, "We were then mulling on coming up with a theme that signifies rage, seething, articulation since we see art as something that may be viewed in different ways and can evoke diverse reactions."
Flores did not give any statement regarding the reason for her resignation.
She was the granddaughter of former National Artist for Visual Arts Hernando Ocampo.
MalacaƱang, on the other hand said that they filing charges against CCP officials as well as the artist Mideo Cruz.
"I think what the President said is very clear. He's not after censorship but it's also to remind the CCP board that this is not just art for art's sake. You have to also remember that you're using taxpayers' money for this exhibit," said Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda.
Lacierda, meanwhile, added that if there were death threats from some sectors affecting the CCP officials they are willing tp give security and protection for them.
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