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Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever or BFFhas been an accepted term of endearment for friends sharing a close-knit relationship.
Being "Best Friends Forever" suggests a kind of friendship that withstands time, boundaries, distance and even conflicts. And that exactly is the kind of relationship Radyo Natin FM wants to build with its listeners. Radyo Natin is their hometown radio, a friend very close to their hearts, and a companion that is here to stay.
BFF on Radyo Natin FM is a weekly program airing every Saturday 3pm - 4pm hosted by Radyo Natin jock Cheska San Diego and a former media practitioner and now a businesswoman BFF Glad Mabini.
The program aims to create a one-hour bonding-session with the listeners. It is a program that talks about anything and everything under the sun! And the conversation is very cozy and light. The time slot is also a perfect complimentary to afternoon coffee breaks, meryenda, siesta or simply "tambay sessions".
Segments include: Must Try, featuring products and services which are highly recommended; Winning Tips, featuring how to's and other pointers advantageous to listeners; Money Matters, discussing topics about saving, spending, investing and more; and lastly, Love and Me, a segment which talks about relationships or conflicts among colleagues, family members and even couples.
Listeners may also listen live via the internet at Radyo Natin's Official Website.

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