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What does your partner want to hear from you?

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"You are the apple of my eye." "I am so in love with you." "You are the one, and you are the light of my life." These are just some of the sweetest lines that we love to hear from our partners. Words indeed have really big impact. It can either make or break someone's heart.
Cheesy lines are important spices of a lasting relationships. However, actions still speak louder. But admit it, actions partnered with words makes the gesture more pronounced.
A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist once said that couples should be aware of their communication habits, and if something came up, resolve it as quickly as possible so resentments won't build up.
Here are some simple liners that are sure to make your partner's day:
"How was your day?"
This simple and short line can make them feel that you are interested in what they are doing. Asking your partner if they enjoy their day or if his/her day went bad is very essential. Knowing that there is someone who is willing to listen to your complaints and experiences can make you feel very special.
"I'd rather spend my time with you."
Here's the hitch, you are going to attend a High school or College reunion tonight but you and your partner had a fight. Now you have to decide, whether you are going to the event or have a date night with your sweetie pie in order to make up and hopefully resolve the issue. If you still choose to be with him/her rather than attending the party, that will make him/her feel very important. Its as if you are actually telling your partner that he/she is your priority.
"I trust you"
When we love someone it entails trust. So knowing that your partner trusts you, means that they can depend on you. All you need to do is to stay true to your partner and never lie to them. Avoid doing suspicious actions towards your him/her in order not to break their heart.
"You make me a better person"
Enjoying each other's company is a must in every relationship. But, it does not mean that if you are not together, you should not be enjoying your time alone. You yourself are already complete; you are just better whenever you are together.
If your partner makes you feel and look better, it just means that he/she is supportive of you and does not cause you stress.
"I need your help"
Asking for help from your partner can make them feel very important. Hearing that someone needs you despite their being independent and capable makes a lot of difference, it boosts the other person's morale. And he/she will be more willing to always be available any moment you call.
There are a lot more liners you can use to keep your loving relationship aflame. There are no fast rules to love. These are but suggestions. Maybe the ultimate key is saying what you really feel, and meaning what you actually say.
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