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Do your colleagues annoy you?

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You may love the work you have right now, but admit it, it is not as perfect as how you thought it was before you got in. And there will always be someone at work who will annoy and ruin your day.
You might encounter someone or some people that may irritate you as they brag about themselves, complain about random things, spread rumors about other colleagues, firing out offensive jokes, and many other annoying habits.
And of course, you don't want to resign from work just because of that, right?
Here are things you can consider in dealing with these people better:
Know what you deserve
Know how you want to be treated and how you want to treat others. Have faith in yourself and show the people that you are worth their respect. Little by little set your boundaries. Always remember too that your goal is not to please everyone. Just be yourself.
Know the likes or dislikes of that annoying person
Most gossipers and difficult people are likely to be insecure. Maybe they just need a little attention and a simple compliment, yes compliments! It will not only boost his/her morale, it will also radiate a positive energy around you and around the person.
Be positive
Don't be pessimistic. Stay calm even when things are getting worst. Avoid saying something bad about your co-worker especially when that toxic officemate is just around. For you to maintain positivity in your mind, don't let that person affect your emotions and work. The best thing that you can also do is to pretend that what they do doesn't actually get to your attention.
Don't take things against you
Because that particular person is treating you bad does not mean that there is something wrong with you. It is not always about you. Sometimes how people treat other people is defined by their past experiences, familial upbringing and personal hurts/successes. Always try to find out and understand where they are coming from.
Keep your distance
If you can, avoid having an encounter with that person. If unluckily you are his or her seatmate or you are near to work area, try putting earphones and listen to a relaxing music. The key to avoiding him/her is diversion. Divert your attention to other more pleasant things or persons. And of course, keeping yourself busy will cause you to ignore him totally.
Talk to your boss
If all the former advices do not work, and it turns out you did every effort to stay neutral with that toxic co-worker, this time maybe you need the help of your superior.
Tell to your manager that you are really having a hard time in dealing with that particular colleague and you already did everything just to work things out but still you failed. Then asks advice from him/her on how you will handle the person and the situation. Hopefully your boss will also find a way to talk to your co-worker and address the issue with him/her.
If after all of these, he/she still treats you the same, you may consider looking for a new job or better yet, ask your company to transfer you to another department, away from distraction. It is fact that you will no longer enjoy work if that person is affecting you, your daily tasks and work mood.
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