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Get rained on without getting sick

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Rain rain go away, come again another day. Yes we usually sing this nursery rhyme when we want the rain to stop because it affects our daily routine: We cannot go out to work or attend school; there is flood everywhere; and worse, people get sick during rainy season.
Having flu, cough, respiratory tract infection, asthma, and arthritis, among others, are the usual illness that we get during rainy season.
Nah, so you don't want to have those kind of illnesses right? So here are a few tips to avoid getting sick.
Drink vitamin C
You really need to strengthen your body's resistance. In taking vitamin C, your antibodies will be able drive away the cold virus easier. Several specialists believe that taking vitamins is good in avoiding colds.
Wear rain gears
Always bring your umbrella and raincoat with you whenever you are going out. Dear, you're not Superman or Wonder Woman, so don't expect that you will not get sick when you get wet from the rain. Having these items can lessen the chances of you having colds, flu and fever.
Yes you should work out, the weather is not an excuse for you to stop because there are still indoor activities for you to try like yoga, badminton, tennis, basketball, etc. And when you exercise, you become more healthy and fit.
Keep your hands clean
Wash your hands regularly to avoid spreading viruses and bacteria. We always use our hands and doing socould make us susceptible to having sickness or diseases.
Hydrate yourself
Drinking lots of water can assist in the body's absorption of important nutrients and maintaining normal body temperature. Water helps us expel wastes and other unwanted toxins from our body.
Avoid flood
Never walk in flooded streets unless you have no other choice. If you really need to, make sure that after coming in contact with flood water, you wash your legs or any submerged part of your body with soap and water. Applying alcohol or antibacterial solution may also be considered, just in case you want to just make sure.
So, with these reminders, even when its wet and cold outside, you can stay comfortable, healthy and free from harm.
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