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Another school year starts and students will soon be preparing for quizzes, recitations, and exams, but the question is are you ready?
If you are a student at any level or just reviewing for their upcoming board, licensure and bar exams, you might be looking for helpful tips that can get you through this focus-and-intelligence-trying times.
Studying can be difficult if you are not ready; reviewing can be hard if you can't focus; and correct answers don't come as instant products of light-bulb-moments, they are fruits of enough preparation and focused thinking. Here are a few tips to consider when preparing for an exam.
1. Study Space – Memory is enhanced by location, and changing your study location increases the likelihood of remembering what you've learned. The place you must chose should be free from distractions. Simple distractions can instantly get your attention. And distractions always build up. The next thing you know, you're out of time and out of focus.
2. Make a Reviewer – Sometimes the best habits are the one we've used forever. Writing notes and definition more than once will help imprint information in your memory. Phrases and words that can be remembered easily will remain in your memory if it's read, written or used repeatedly.
3. Sleep – Always remember that a tired mind is a slow mind. Concentration is never possible if your mind is tired for it will not work properly. The brain will not absorb new data if it is stressed.
4. Go to class – This one might be obvious, but large lectures, early start of classes and long class hours makes you lose your interest at bit. The best way to prepare for a test is to attend classes and participate. You'll have already began the process of reviewing and will know what to expect on the exam especially if you haven't done the reading yet.
5. Manage your time – The only thing worse than having lots and lots of deadline is missing a deadline. Stay organized, use planners or post-its to jot down those dates and to remind you of your deadlines, cut down the procrastination and your work load will feel much more manageable.
6. Take guilt-free days of rest – After days or weeks of reviewing you deserve to have an ample amount of time for relaxation. The reason for resting is to refresh oneself. However, if you feel guilty then your precious rest period has been used to bring you more stress. On days off from studying, really enjoy yourself and do not feel bad about not studying for the meantime.
Consider those tips and have a worry free examination day. With a ready mind and a well-prepared physiquie, its not impossible for anyone to get As! (RPF)
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