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Still not losing weight? Find out why!

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Are you becoming so frustrated of seeing those fats that never leave your belly, legs and cheeks? Everyone loves eating. The feeling of a one month diet collapses into just a few chocolate bites and ice cream licks temptation. Ladies and gentlemen, we all know this problem.
If you have read a lot of articles about losing weight, do you find them effective for you? And if you all have the information about diet and nutrition, why not look into reasons on why those fatty crazes stay inside your body? Here are some.
Water Inadequacy
The first thing that pops up in our minds when we say diet – water. It is the crystal clear liquid that comes like magic when you decide to lessen that appetite on your taste buds.
The moment dehydration occurs, kidney cannot function properly and the liver acts to support the body. When the liver works hard, consumed fat stays more in the body. Moreover, water helps the digestion flow normal. Start filling in your glasses now.
Protein Avoidance
High-protein food not only gives you the satisfied feeling after eating but even lets you burn more calories. A person should have 40 to 80 grams of protein a day depending on your weight. But where can you get that?
Take a stroll in the grocery and grab the items you need. Say, yogurt, milk or eggs for breakfast, lean poultry like chicken breast or beef at lunch, and tuna, salmon or tofu for dinner. Munch on beans, nuts and seeds for snacks and now you're ready for the real diet.
Consistent Work-outs
This may be shocking to you in the first place, but not all people who exercise lose a lot, in most cases, they actually gain a lot. Miscalculations arise after work-out. Others tend to eat lavishly and relax longer which result to a useless gain reverse of the must-burn-hate-it fat, or worse, more from your original weight.
Be careful while you perspire because this is not a sign for you to reward yourself immediately. It is best to begin the work-out simple including breathing, stretching, or jumping, while adding other moves and positions when your body is ready for a more intensified work-out.
You're a Desk Buddy
With the generation of advanced technology, most people nowadays work in front of a computer and cannot actually live without one. Not only adults face this entertaining screen, even younger ones today spoil themselves in the cyber world.
Because of this, we sit more than an hour and the body stops producing lipase - the enzyme responsible for preventing fat. Do not lose hope if you're an office-based worker, stretching and standing up for a few minutes can really help. Generally, walking is a great exercise without much effort and energy from you. Have something for your legs like, parking a few steps away from the mall, getting water from the fridge, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or simply brisk-walking wherever you go. You will feel the difference soon.
And a Stress Treasurer
The ultimate bloating tummy cause – stress. This is the popular reason, or maybe an excuse, why all of us give in into our comfort food, no matter what happens (especially to our wallets!) just to satisfy our cravings; somehow over-reacting, but undeniably and sadly true.
Cortisol, or more commonly known as the stress hormone, reacts when you are under stress. It increases blood sugar and interrupts the immune system because it relieves on a lot of carbohydrate, sugar and fat. Be on the alert in handling it, however, people and things around us can take us away from this stress zone. Ask for free hugs, hang-out and party!
Eat healthy, live healthy!
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