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Unsatisfied with 24 hours? Make your days longer!

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Do you wish to add more hours to the usual 24 hours a day? Well, maybe what you need is not a magic lamp and a genie, but an alarm clock.
When you wake up early, you gain many benefits concerning your health. But it's not limited to that. Time abundance opens doors for many chances as well which could stitch a better lifestyle for you.
The reasons you should switch from being a night owl to an early bird are listed here:
1. Easier commutes
Commuting most especially during Mondays is such a hassle. Expect jam-packed buses and trains, and slow traffic if you will leave the house later than 6am. So if you want to start your day easy-going, you know now what to do. Set the alarm clock now.
2. Less Stress
Getting up early also means making time for many things to be done for the day. You won't have to rush things, so the quality of your output won't be compensated. Satisfaction attained through a job well done usually boosts one's self-esteem. This will tend to put off stress from approaching.
3. More Time for Work Out
Exercise, as we all know, is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, our usual alibi for not doing it regularly is not finding the time due to a hectic schedule. In that case, getting up earlier than your routine will provide you the time you need.
4. Better Outlook
Many studies have shown that people who wake up early are much cheerful and positive than those who stay up late at midnight. If you have been disheartened these past few days and don't know what to do, maybe a change in your sleep-wake schedule will help.
5. Deeper Sleep
If you are having problems sleeping at night, then this could be the answer. Waking up early tends to make you snooze in time and get a better sleep.
6. Tighter Family Ties
Family time is usually compensated in attending to working schedules, which is not okay. If waking up early enough will make time for your family, and then it's worth the effort to get up as soon as you can every morning.
7. Stricter Discipline
Setting a goal and being able to stick with it could be a sign of discipline. With that, you could serve as a role model to others. If one can accomplish small goals like waking early, it's not impossible for him to achieve bigger goals in the long run.
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