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Love makes you healthy

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Love is a deep and intense affection for someone. It may be for your parents, brother, sister, friend or partner. But among all this, a person mostly enjoys the feeling of love towards their special someone.
They say that this kind of love is the most precious and amazing thing of all. It can make your world upside- down. Being in love makes you feel the feeling you never expected to feel. When you are in love, you feel overjoyed and highly-spirited. But did you know that aside from love being the most convenient feeling in the whole world, it can also benefit your healthy living.
Here are some surprising health benefits that being in love brings you:
1. Makes your skin glow
It is not just an old cliché but it is really true that whenever a person is in love he/ she looks blooming. According to a New York City based dermatologist Genaise Gerstner that when our love life is in good shape, our stress level decreases which tends to lessen our skin breakouts and pimples. So if you feel in love, you will look and feel younger all day long.
2. Helps expand your life range
National Longitudinal Mortality Study had found out that married people have lower cancer rates and pneumonia than those who are singles. In addition, based on Dr. Hullet people inside a commitment experienced less stress for giving up hazardous behavior like heavy drinking and smoking which is mostly applicable to men. Making yourself busy with your family helps you keep away from your vices which indeed are really a good thing.
3. Improves the health of your heart
A person feels more stressful and suffers from the feeling of emptiness if they are deprived of having a love life than a person who is committed and enjoying his/ her relationship with their lover, that helps them have a healthy cardiovascular system. That is why most widowed and heartbroken person increases the chance of having a heart attack. But monitoring yourself to be healthy will help you avoid having a heart attack even without a lover.
4. Reduces the feeling of pain
Holding your partner's hand helps you feel less pain. Research says that holding another's hand after being electrically shock reduced the pain that the person is feeling or his/ her perception of pain particularly in women. A friends hand will also help lessen the ache but holding your husband's hand will really ease it away.
5. Improves your mental well being.
Being in love does not only involve your heart but also your brain as well. They might be contrasted with one another or might agree with each other but one thing is for sure, not only the heart, will get the benefits of being in love but also the brain. A study from Rutgers University had found out that when people look at the picture of their loved ones, dopamine brain activity increases which brings a person's positive energy shows, so you'll have the confidence to face the whole day ahead.
They say being in love is the most remarkable feeling of all times that makes person spread positive things to all his/ her surroundings. It's also the most remarkable way of keeping yourself healthy. But therefore having a lover is not a must to keep you healthy, yes it can benefit your health but there are also many other ways for a healthy living even without being in love. All you need to do is to enjoy your life and spread love to all people. (DAY)
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