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A few ways to surprise your partner

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After a long time in a relationship, couples settled into a routine, and the excitement of being together vanishes. You need extra spice in your relationship, Plan a surprise for your lover to add some fresh energy to your relationship. Hopefully, you'll find that he pleasantly surprises you in return!
1. Give a Massage
A hectic and stressful routine can make anyone feel too exhausted. Giving a massage can be considered a means of having a smooth communication with each other. Pamper them with a mild body massage. This lovely act will be highly appreciated. The best part is that you can get time to talk to each other, in a good mood.
2. Pack Lunch
Pack lunch for them in a box and put a note saying "Missing you "or "I love you". When they will open the lunch box after a hard work routine, this note will take away all the tiresomeness and will refresh them. You can try different messages and maybe make heart shaped food to add smile in their face.
3. Hide Love Messages
Hide love messages in different places where your partner can find them easily, but unexpectedly. You can put notes in their purse, wallet, coat pocket, drawer or in the refrigerators. Be creative and try the same with gifts or flowers. Let them find your surprises on their own.
4. Dedicate Songs
Dedicate or sing a song for your partner during a dinner at a restaurant. And it is much sweeter if you will compose him/her a song. Expressing your love in front of so many people always inspires the person in your life. But be careful; know your partner well. Some people find public displays of affection to be a huge turn off.
5. Send Gifts
Buy different gifts and send each of them from a different messenger services to their workplace. Each gift will reach your partner at a different time on the same day. If you are too busy with your work, or are unsure about their choice, leave an envelope with some money and a note at home. The note can say "I want to see a ring of your choice in your hand" or something similar, as per your desired gift.
6. Make a Photo Album
Compile pictures of the two of you and create a photo album. Caption each photo that expresses your passionate feelings, as love is incomplete until it has been expressed. Send it to your partner. It will show them how many the memories that you remembered shared and recorded mean to you. And be creative! (QGL)
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