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Simple headache remedies

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We can never tell when will headache attack. And when it does, it abruptly distracts us from accomplishing the tasks and activities lined-up for the day. Hence, it would be practical to know the simple ways to alleviate the pain even without the aid of medication or when medication seems to not take effect.
Here are some simple remedies that may come handy when that throbbing pain attacks:
1. Drink water
If your head starts to throb, it could be that you have not drunk enough water for the day. Dehydration can cause a headache. Some medical experts say that it is a result of the body's effort to maintain adequate fluid levels. And so, maintaining the intake of 8-10 glasses of water a day will also keep the headache away.
2. Sip some caffeine
Caffeine reduces blood-vessel swelling, thus can help relieve a headache. This is the reason some extra-strength painkillers include caffeine. However, this tip is not advisable to heavy drinkers of coffee. Drinking coffee once in a while will help you to get rid of a headache.
3. Rest your eyes
Spending long hours in front of the computer will also lead to headache due to eye strain. To ease the pain, rest your eyes by closing it and covering it with your hands for 2-3 minutes. Taking a nap is also a good choice since not only your eyes, but your whole body gets to relax, thus relieving the headache.
4. Wear a head band
If you want to try a different way to reduce headache, you can tie a bandanna, scarf, or necktie just around your forehead. Tighten it just to the point where you can feel the pressure. This act can ease the pain cause by swollen blood vessels by reducing the flow of blood in your scalp. Soaking the cloth in vinegar before tying it around your head is a more traditional way of doing it.
5. Sniff some peppermint
The menthol that peppermint oil contains can help ease the pain away. At first, its fragrance stimulates, and then relaxes the nerves that might be causing the headache. So next time your head aches, peppermint oil could be the solution.
6. Use of teabags
Wringing out wet peppermint tea bags and placing them on your eyelids for 4-5 minutes could also help you lessen the pain in your head. The idea of this act is to give your eyes some rest while the teabags soothe them.
7. Get a massage
Sometimes, headache is caused by stress. In this case, try pampering yourself by massaging your temples, forehead, shoulders, neck and other areas where you feel tension for it can dissolve the pain away. Also, try to relax your face and reduce tension by yawning. Squeezing the pads of your palms and rubbing your fingers are also effective ways to relieve stress.
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