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Things to remember when dieting

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Want to lose weight? Well, make sure it is not something like a "quick-fix" diet. Rather, think of losing weight as a permanent lifestyle transformation. Here are the tips to help you achieve a hot but healthy body:
1. Eat small and frequent meals regularly
You have to eat regularly, consistency is key to improving our body's metabolism. It is advised that you take light snacks such as fruits, vegetable sticks and low fat dips, and low fat yogurt.
2. Take a walk
Volunteer to make a coffee at work or do some other simple errands. Just walking over to the kettle every day for a few weeks counts! Or you can even exercise at your own work desk or area.
3. Seek support
Yes, having support from the people around you is very vital in your goal of losing weight in the long-term. Having people who will consume the similar foods and support you along the way is an excellent idea. It will not only boost your determination, but will keep you away from temptations to eat and compromise.
4. Don't miss breakfast
A classic way to think you are cutting back is to miss the most important meal of the day- breakfast. By missing breakfast you are more likely to go for a snack mid-morning and it may not always be a healthy one you reach for.
5. Never do stress-eating
Never use food as a means to relieve stress and as a way to calm down when we are not even starving. Experts have pointed to stress-eating as the culprit to post-depression weight gain and obesity.
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