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Look younger in 6 steps

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Want to be seven years younger without spending too much? Achieve a younger looking skin in just siz easy steps!
1. Drink 5-6 glasses of water every.
Drinking abundant water everyday will keep your skin hydrated and rinse out toxins.
Aside from water you can also take green tea which can give health-boosting anti-oxidants. Fruit juices and vegetable shakes on the other hand can improve skins hydration and quality as well as density.
2. Eat foods high in healthy oils.
Omega 3 fatty acid rich foods like salmon, sardines, walnuts and eggs, which will help plump up our skin cells and give you a pinkish youthful glow.
3. Consume high-vitamin fruits and vegetables
Eating spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and apricots which are high in vitamin A, C and E pampers the skin. Vitamin A protects the skin from free radicals responsible for premature ageing. Vitamin C, found in kiwis, citrus fruits and broccoli, boosts collagen formation which gives the skin plumpness. And vitamin E, found in dark green veggies, gives vibrancy to skin cells.
4. Prefer whole grain foods.
Whole grain foods have more anti-ageing antioxidants than white substitutes. Also the fiber content helps trap bad fats and toxins from being absorbed by our system which in turn damages the skin.
5. Smile!
Researchers from the United Kingdom did a survey showing photos of people, men and women, frowning and smiling. When asked to select who among the persons in the photos were the youngest, majority of the respondents chose photos of smiling people.
Moreover, keeping a happy, stress-free lifestyle keeps one from ageing fast. Dentists say they are seeing additional signs of premature tooth wear due to diet (increased consumption of fizzy drinks, for example) and stress, which can cause tooth-grinding, thus making one look older, unhealthy and miserable.
6. Exercise.
Have a brisk walk. That is an enough exercise. According to scientists in Canada, brisk walking once a day can delay the ageing progress by 12 years. Daily body activity helps our system use oxygen more effectively. And improved oxygen levels in the body help stimulate the immune system.
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