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Wearing skinny jeans may cause testicular problems

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Men wearing skinny jeans is an accepted fad lately. However medical and health researches are seeing negative implications of this trend- that the gush of tight-jean popularity among men is sparking a rise in painful testicular problems.
Medical expert, Dr. Hilary Jones, have accounted an augment in damages being caused by tight jeans.
"The trendy denims are causing twisted testicles, bladder weakness, and even urinary tract infections." according to Jones.
She further explains that having twisted testicles is a severe condition that occurs "when tight trousers avoid the spermatic cord from moving freely, meaning it twists and leads to testicular torsion which cuts off the blood supply requiring immediate surgery to prevent a gangrenous testicle."
In addition, wearing very tight jeans can cause men lower sperm count. Low sperm count can occur when testicles are exposed to overheating, and having lesser room for air to pass through, as in the case of tight-fitting jeans, can cause increase in temperature in the groin area.
Wearing very tight clothes, jeans or undergarments, can even cause fungal infection. Fungus, bacteria and other microbes thrive in moist and warm environment, thus making the groin area a perfect habitat for microorganism growth which leads to infection.
Yes,fashion trends are eye candy and may enhance our appearances and boost one's confidence. But it is always wise not to compromise our health just for the sake of beauty and outward appearance.
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