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Having problem getting sleep?

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Are you having problem getting sleep? Chronic sleep deprivation is recognized to be a global health danger next to junk food and inactive living, a French news agency revealed.
Expert sites like WebMD.com and the Mayo Clinic said that a slew of studies blaming poor sleeping habits for everything from stroke to unhealthy eating and depression.
Here are the 8 steps for a better sleep:
1. Follow strictly a sleep schedule
Be constant with bed and wake up time to generate a regular sleep pattern.
2. Pursue a healthy diet
Experts said that we should avoid from going to bed hungry, overstuffed or after drinking too many liquids. Have a banana, it is rich in potassium and has been revealed to help facilitate a deeper sleep.
3. Try to use sleep accessories
Use an eye mask, ear plugs, or a sound generator for white noise have been shown to help. Avoid having laptops in bed and smartphones.
4. Create a bedtime ritual
Have a hot bath, read a book or listen to a soothing music.
5. Exercise
Having a regular physical exercise has been revealed to enable a relaxing sleep.
6. Try meditation or relaxation techniques
Try the deep breathing exercises, yoga or tai chi to help you to calm down.
7. Clear your mind
If you can't sleep for the reason that your mind is too jumbled, air out your distress by either writing them on paper or chatting them out with a spouse, friend or psychotherapist.
8. Seek medical help
Although you may assume that chronic sleep deprivation is just stress-related, it is found out that it can be caused by an causal medical problem like sleep apnea.
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