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Change in Duterte ratings expected: Palace

MANILA — MalacaƱang on Monday said the change in President Rodrigo Duterte's ratings, as shown in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, is "expected" and a "no surprise" given the circumstances when the survey was conducted.
"The change in the President's satisfaction rating, from 78 percent in June to 67 percent in September, and trust rating, from 82 percent in June to 73 percent in September, is expected given the fact that people start measuring their expectations usually after the honeymoon period, or after a year in office," Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said in a Palace briefing.
According to the results of the Third Quarter 2017 Social Weather Survey released on Sunday, Duterte obtained a net satisfaction rating of +48, a dip of 18 points from "very good" net satisfaction rating of +66 he got in June 2017.
The survey, which was conducted from September 23 to 27, showed that 67 percent of respondents were "satisfied," 14 percent were "undecided," and 19 percent were "dissatisfied" with the President's performance.
The same survey also showed that Duterte's net trust ratings fell to +60 — 73 percent said they had "much trust," 15 percent were "undecided," and 12 percent had "little trust."
This was 15 points lower than the +75 he got in the second quarter.
Abella said the first year of any administration is basically a laying down of a foundation and people's expectations were high.
"The actual wait for the implementation of these things may have led to the dip," Abella said.
He added that the survey was conducted right after the National Day of Protest when the public was encouraged to vent out all their perceived grievances against the government.
"It is worth noting that surveys are snapshots of the public mood at a given time and the SWS survey was conducted just two days after the National Day of Protest — the bold PRRD initiative allowing citizens to freely vent their grievances about the excesses and shortcomings of the government — and some sentiments may have spilled over," Abella said.
"During that time, people were giving full bent to whatever feelings that they had. I'm sure there was a full spectrum of emotions out there and some of these could have spilled over," he added.
But despite the dip in the President's ratings, the Palace official highlighted the fact that majority of the people still trust Duterte to deliver on his campaign promises.
"There was a dip and that should be appreciated. It is certainly a challenge to the government in order to be able to deliver the full range, the full spectrum of public services. However, we need to also appreciate the fact that a large number of the majority of the Filipino people still have trust and confidence (in the President)," he said.
"Public satisfaction remains 'good' and public trust remains 'very good'. Given the trust and confidence of a large majority, the Administration will continue to work harder to address the public's urgent needs in order to bring a comfortable life for all," Abella said.
Meanwhile, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said the dip in the ratings of President Duterte is not surprising since the survey was conducted following the death of 17-year old Kian delos Santos who was shot by police officers in an anti-drug operation in Caloocan.
The senior high school student was killed in an alleged shootout with Caloocan police on the night of August 17, 2017.
Four police officers tagged in the shooting were relieved from their posts and charged with murder.
"The drop in the survey rating is attributable to the killing of minor Kian delos Santos and two others perceived to have been the result of police abuse, hence it is not a surprise. Various sectors of society including the President were outraged by what they perceived to be an unjustified killing by police officers," Panelo said in a statement.
"The latest survey is a reflection of that sentiment. The President does not tolerate any abuse of police authorities hence he immediately ordered the relief of those involved as well as putting them behind bars. They will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," he added.
The President's chief legal counsel, however, pointed out that Duterte is "unperturbed by the drop in the satisfaction rating."
"He has repeatedly said he is not in a popularity contest. He remains steadfast in his war on drugs and will not be distracted by any resulting negative survey. He remains focused on his constitutional task of serving and protecting the Filipino people regardless of what happens to him even if in the process, as he forcefully puts it, it will cost him his honor, his liberty and his life," Panelo said.
Like Abella, he also pointed out the fact that despite the drop in ratings, majority of Filipinos are still satisfied with how Duterte runs the government.
"His latest survey net rating of 67 percent if one translates that into the country's population of 100 million then that is equivalent to 67 million Filipinos satisfied with the President's performance as against 19 percent or 19 million Filipinos unsatisfied. It is still a good rating however you look at it," Panelo said. (PNA)
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