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QC ordinance requires hospitals, clinics to deal with DENR-certified hazardous waste haulers

QUEZON CITY — Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has approved an ordinance requiring hospitals, clinics and medical waste generators in the City to avail of the services of medical and hazardous waste haulers and treaters accredited by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
The Ordinance aims to monitor and regulate the disposal of waste from hospitals and clinics for the safety and protection of the public.
Health care waste can be classified as pathological, infectious, pharmaceutical, radioactive, genotoxic, chemical wastes, or as sharp object.
Under the ordinance, hospitals, clinics, and health care waste generators in Quezon City must secure an environmental clearance from the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD), and should enter into a Service Agreement with a DENR accredited hazardous and waste hauler. In addition, they shall submit the Transporter Registration Certificate of the Hauler and Permit to Transport, both of the Hauler, issued by the DENR. Other similar establishments with minimal hazardous wastes should partner with big hospitals.
Failure to register with the EPWMD will be a ground for revocation of the Sanitary and Business Permit issued by the City Health Department (CHD) and Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO).
Any establishment who will violate the ordinance shall be penalized by a fine of P2,000 for first offense, P5,000 for the second. After which the revocation of Sanitary and Business Permits shall ensue until the establishment complies.
In addition, any person who shall interfere any officer of the EPWMD, BPLO, or CHD in the performance of their duty in the implementation of the ordinance shall face a complaint for misdemeanour and punishable upon conviction by imprisonment for a period of not exceeding six months, or a fine of not less than P5,000 or both, upon discretion of the court. (PIA)
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