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Duterte offers PhP2M bounty for each cop conspiring with Parojinogs

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday announced a P2 million bounty for each policeman allegedly involved in the killing of security forces and civilians in conspiracy with the Parojinogs in Ozamiz City.
"There are a lot of policemen murdered by Mayor Parojinog including the killers of those policemen with him. I will be visiting Ozamiz, I will not tell you when, but I will warn the policemen there. Iyong kasama ni Parojinog and his cahoots who are members of the PNP and who were responsible for the death of the 6 soldiers before. You will have your comeuppance," the President said in his speech during the 116th Police Service anniversary at the PNP Grandstand in Camp Crame, Quezon City.
"Like the policemen who are now shortlisted in the killing of so many civilians, buried in a cemetery there at the back of a Barangay Hall. Each of you, those policemen carry on their head now, I am announcing P2 million per head," Duterte said.
He added that he wanted the cops allegedly conspiring with the powerful Parojinog clan "better dead."
"P2 million per head, dead or alive. Better dead, because I have to pay for the funeral parlor. That is an added expense. I would rather buy rice for the people," Duterte said.
The Parojinog patriarch, Mayor Reynaldo Sr., his wife, and 14 others were recently killed in a police raid at their homes in Barangay San Roque Lawis.
The raid yielded guns and drugs.
Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog and Reynaldo Jr. were arrested and charged with drugs and weapons possession after the raid. (PNA)
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