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NegOcc rice yield up 36% in first quarter

BACOLOD — Rice production of Negros Occidental increased by almost 36 percent in the first quarter of 2017, according to data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
From January to March, the province produced 80,069 metric tons (MTs), from only 59,020 MTs during the same period last year.jump /]
PSA data further showed that about 65,000 MTs of rice were produced by farms in irrigated areas while 15,652 MTs were yield of rain-fed farms.
As of March 2017, Negros Occidental has a total of 22,610 hectares harvested for palay, including 17,410 hectares in irrigated sites and 5,200 rain-fed farms.
For the first quarter, total area harvested was 30 percent higher than the 17,376 hectares from January to March last year.
Average yield for palay was 3.54 MTs per hectare for palay, higher than the previous year's 3.4 MTs for the first three months.
Joely Cabarles, officer-in-charge of PSA-Negros Occidental, said in a report Thursday the increase in production can be attributed mainly to the absence of adverse effects of El NiƱo in the early part of the year.
He added that the same percentage of increase in production is expected from the second quarter onwards.
"With sufficient water as indicator, production towards the end of the year is expected to be even higher," Cabarles said.
He noted that palay production in Negros Occidental has increased by almost 100,000 MTs in the last 10 years.
Cabarles added that if the almost 23,000 hectares rain-fed areas are irrigated, it could lead to an additional 70,000 MTs of palay yield for the three cropping seasons. (PNA)
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