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At least 9 dead in Brazil bus crash

RIO DE JANEIRO — At least nine people died and dozens were injured when a bus left the highway it was traveling on and crashed into a tree in northeastern Brazil, authorities announced on Saturday.
The accident happened in the early morning near the town of Redencao do Gurgueia, in the state of Piaui, 785 km south of the regional capital, Teresina. The cause of the accident is unknown, according to the highway police.]jump /]
Angelo Jose Sena Santos, mayor of Redencao na Gurgueia, later told the news portal GP1 that eight people died on site while a woman died in hospital due to injuries to her head and chest.
"Two or three children are being attended. One man has had his leg amputated. Others are being attended at the Bom Jesus hospital," added Sena Santos. (PNA)
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