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Poor sanitation of poultry houses prompts dialogue in Polangui, Albay

POLANGUI, Albay — The local government of Polangui has invited all affected sectors in several upland villages in the town for a dialogue on April 21 after receiving complaints of swarms of flies in the villages due to alleged poor sanitation in the operation of "small or layer conventional poultry houses."
Polangui Vice Mayor Herbert Borja and other members of the Sangguniang Bayan (Municipal Council) have conducted an inspection of the areas hit by the flies after the town's health and sanitary officers confirmed reports that several villages in the upland area had been hit by flies during the past two weeks.
Jonna Gazelle Ayala, municipal sanitation inspector, said the affected barangays (villages) are Danao, Itaran, Lidong, Cepres, Balaba, Pinagdapugan and Gabon.
She said that her actual inspection of the affected areas showed that the flies were caused by improper waste disposal and management of the "small or layer conventional house type of poultry."
Borja and several municipal council members particularly inspected the villages of Itaran and Pinagdapugan to validate the complaints of some residents.
"We found out that the livestock was exposed without screens and foil odor," he said.
Borja said aside from inviting all the parties involved to appear at the dialogue on April 21, the immediate recommendation of the local government is to require all poultry farms to put screens.
Borja said there were so many flies in Barangay Cepres that prompted them to look into the legal documents of each poultry farm, "whether small, medium or large scale."
He said the local government wants to find out if these poultry farm operators are operating in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Philippine Sanitary Code.
Ayala noted, however, that some poultry farms had complied with sanitary regulations as there were "no flies present, no foul odor and no open pit."
She said these farms complied with the requirements and used carbonized rice hull to prevent odor from chicken dung. The farms also used "climate control technology to optimize the growth of chicken."
But as to the other farms that failed to comply with the Sanitary Code, specifically the implementing rules of Presidential Decree 522, she had asked for immediate action from Polangui Mayor Cherie Sampal.
Ayala said the poultry farms with violations located their facility near residences and school premises.
She said these farms also did not have pertinent permits.
"There was presence of multiple flies, open pit litter inside, foul odor and livestock was exposed as there were no screens in the poultry houses," she added.
The local government has included poultry farm owners, residents, health and sanitation officers and municipal health officer in the invitation to the dialogue on Friday. (PNA)
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