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Slovaks protest against corruption in Bratislava

BRATISLAVA — Thousands of people here attended a march against corruption on Tuesday to express their dissatisfaction.
According to estimates by the organizers of the event and Bratislava city police, approximately 5,000 people attended the march.
Although several public figures joined the march, many of them, such as actor Maros Kramar, don't believe the protest will change anything for the better.
"If it did, though, I'd be extremely glad," said Kramar. The anti-corruption march was organized by two secondary school students — Karolina Farska and David Straka.
"We're frustrated with the situation in Slovakia. This march is dedicated primarily to the fight against corruption. We as students want to stay in this country, but what's happening discourages many from staying," said Straka.
Both students view the current state of affairs as unsustainable long term and a key reason fuelling the rise of extremism. (PNA)
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