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Python suffering from Anorexia becomes most expensive VHI animal patient in UK

MOSCOW — Have you ever heard of anorexia? It seems that snakes are no strangers to the eating disorder.
A Burmese python with anorexia and a bearded dragon with jaw inflammation had become some of the most expensive and unusual patients in the UK in 2016 in the medical insurance of pets, according to the British Association of Insurers (ABI).
The treatment of the bearded dragon's jaw cost 410 pounds, while 790 pounds were needed to heal the python, according to the ABI report.
Among the unusual and sometimes curious reasons for applying for insurance recorded by veterinarians were a case involving a cocker spaniel who swallowed a whole turkey during a Christmas celebration, a parrot with respiratory problems, as well as an English Springer spaniel who swallowed one tiny seed of grass and needed an operation worth 3,400 pounds. There was also a case of treating a cat that fell into a lethargic dream, with the treatment costing £366.
In Britain, there is no free medical care for animals. Nevertheless, about 30 percent of dog owners and 16 percent of cat owners annually purchase health insurance for their pets. (PNA)
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