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Death toll from Peru floods reaches 75, over 260 injured

MOSCOW — The death toll from powerful floods in Peru that occurred in over a dozen of the country's regions has reached 75 with more than 260 being injured, local media reported Sunday citing state emergencies authorities report.
RCN broadcaster reported that 263 people were injured with 20 others missing. The floods have destroyed 12,000 houses, 25 schools and eight health facilities, as well as 2,000 kilometers of roads.
On Friday, President of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has announced that about USD 766 million would be allocated to restore the country.
The floods, caused by the El Nino phenomenon, hit 20 out of Peru's 25 regions. They have also reportedly led to an outbreak of the Dengue fever, affecting over 1,200 people.
The El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a cycle of warm and cold temperatures of the tropical central and eastern Pacific Ocean. The warm phase of ENSO is called "El Nino," while the cool phase is referred to as "La Nina."
The El Nino phenomenon occurs at irregular intervals, every two to seven years. (PNA)
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