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Makati maintains 'walkable streets', clears 114 streets in 2 months

MANILA — In line with Makati Mayor Abby Binay's standing orders to maintain 'walkable streets' throughout the city, the Department of Environmental Services (DES) through its Solid Waste Management Division has cleared a total of 114 streets of various kinds of obstructions in just two months.
In a report to the mayor, DES chief Engr. Leopoldo Parumog said continuous clearing operations have been conducted by SWMD personnel from January 1 to March 10 of this year in 23 barangays.
Parumog also reported that during the same period, DES enforcers apprehended a total of 14 individuals for violating City Ordinance No. 2003-095 or the "Solid Waste Management Code of the City of Makati" and fined them P1,000 each. The said ordinance prohibits and penalizes the dumping of waste, refuse and the like in any street, public building or property, including waterways and riverbanks, not otherwise designated as garbage dumping place.
In District 1, DES cleared a total of 72 streets in 12 barangays, namely, Poblacion with 16 streets cleared, Tejeros, 12; Olympia and Pio Del Pilar, 10 each; Palanan, six; Bangkal, five; Magallanes and San Lorenzo, four each; Bel-Air, two; and San Antonio, San Isidro, and Singkamas with one street each.
In District 2, DES conducted clearing operations in 11 barangays, covering a total of 42 streets during the said period. These were in Guadalupe Nuevo and Guadalupe Viejo with nine streets each; Pinagkaisahan, six; Pitogo, five; West Rembo, four; Cembo, Comembo and Rizal, two each; and East Rembo, Pembo and Northside, one each.
At least six individuals apprehended and fined for littering or illegal dumping of garbage in district I consisted of four from Pio del Pilar and two from Poblacion. In District II, the violators were caught in West Rembo, one; Pembo, three; Pitogo, one; East Rembo, two; Guadalupe Nuevo, one.
During sidewalk clearing operations, DES personnel remove things or properties obstructing the streets, such as plants, assorted scrap metals, tires, woods, debris, chairs and tables of eateries occupying sidewalks, food stalls and food carts among others. They also give prior notice to identified owners to enable them to properly store or dispose of the obstructions. Should they fail to comply within the given period, DES confiscates the materials.
Under the Solid Waste Management Code of the city, individuals caught dumping waste and littering in the city are meted a fine of P1,000 and/or imprisonment of not more than 30 days. For the owners of errant establishments, the ordinance imposes a fine of P5,000 and/or imprisonment of not less than 30 days.
From July to December 2016, the first six months in office of Mayor Binay, the city had cleared a total of 271 streets in different barangays. (PNA)
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