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PNP offers PhP48,000 starting pay to new lawyers in police service

MANILA — The Philippine National Police (PNP) is now offering a P48,000 starting pay and permission to engage in private practice to new lawyers who will enter the police service.
Supt. Arthur Llamas, acting Chief Legal Assistance Division of the PNP Legal Service on Friday said that the PNP desperately needed additional lawyers.
He said that the PNP had only 96 lawyers scattered throughout the country, which were not enough to provide legal protection to policemen facing various cases.
The PNP Legal Service official added that if the legal services' staffing requirements down to the municipal level were to be filled up, they would need to have at least 300 lawyers.
He stressed that even the senators during the Senate hearings noticed the PNP's severe lack of legal representation, which is why PNP chief Director General Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa immediately ordered an aggressive campaign to recruit new lawyers into the PNP.
Llamas said that even if majority of the PNP's lawyers did not participate in actual field operations, it would be better if lawyers could accompany operating elements to ensure that no laws were violated which would negatively affect the outcome of the cases against suspects.
He negated the impression that lawyers entering the police service face a bleak future, saying that, they will be receiving a competitive starting salary and a guaranteed permanent job, so long as they do not get dismissed from the service for any offense. (PNA)
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