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Romanian president outlines top priority in Brexit negotiations

BUCHAREST — Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday stressed the importance of protecting the rights of Romanians living in Britain, when meeting with visiting European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.
Iohannis underscored that Romania's main priority is to ensure the rights and interests of the Romanian nationals living in Britain are protected.
"These nationals should even benefit, when the Brexit is over, from the rights already extended to them before the Brexit," Iohannis was quoted in a statement released by the Presidential Administration.
Iohannis "insisted on the need for negotiations to be conducted as soon as possible over these aspects of the rights of the EU nationals living in the UK", the statement said.
Meanwhile, Iohannis said Romania supports the continuation of close cooperation between the EU and Britain in areas of shared interest after the Brexit occurs.
Brexit has generated ample reactions in Romania, with a major concern for the fate of the 170,000 Romanians working in Britain.
Another effect of the Brexit will be on Romanian students planning to study in Britain, as they would have to pay full tuition fees and would have no access to student loans.
Right now, 6,750 Romanians are studying in Britain, according to official data.
The Brexit may also hit Romania in terms of exports, as Britain is the fifth biggest destination for Romanian exports. (PNA)
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