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Chemicals for manufacturing 'shabu' seized in Misamis Oriental port

CAGAYAN DE ORO — Hundreds of plastic drums of imported hydrochloric acid, one of the components in the manufacture of methamphetamine hydrochloride, or "shabu," were seized in Misamis Oriental's international port in Tagoloan, the customs authorities announced Thursday.
Alvin Enciso of the intelligence division of the Bureau of Customs here, said that the consignee identified as Juchem Enterprises based in Butuan City, failed to secure and submit necessary import documents, which prompted the Bureau of Customs to seize the items.
Enciso did not divulge the value of the item comprising 320 drums, reportedly imported from India, which originally entered the Mindanao International Container Terminal (MICT) port in the sub-port of Tagolo-an, Misamis Oriental last Feb. 1, 2017.
Customs officials together with the broker's representatives, the customs enforcement, security services and operatives of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) examined the item last Tuesday.
According to Customs officials, the shipment was "restricted or regulated good without import permit or clearance."
After the examination and finding that the restricted goods had no import permit, Janefa Dianalan, the BOC-10 assigned examiner, recommended for the issuance of the Warrant of Seizure and Detention of the items.
Enciso said that the shipment was "considered a dangerous chemical if it goes to the wrong hands. It is one of the essential elements or chemicals used in making shabu."
Enciso said the imported shipment violated PDEA, Dangerous Drug Board, Food and Drugs Administration and Department of Environment and Natural Resources regulations, as well as Customs Modernization and Tariff Act, which strictly disallows imported and regulated items without corresponding import permits.
Prior to the arrival of the shipment, Enciso said the PDEA has tipped off the BOC that hydrochloric acid from abroad would be entering the local port, prompting the Customs to tighten its watch on incoming goods.
The consignees alleged that the chemical would be supplied to a mining company, but PDEA and CIIS are still verifying where it will actually be used, Enciso said.
He said that law enforcers "intend to visit the company or companies where they claimed they are supplying the chemicals so we would know where exactly they are using the chemicals."
Enciso, however, said that PDEA would file cases against the importer. (PNA)
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