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PNP receives many cases due to nature of work

MANILA — The Philippine National Police (PNP) is receiving many cases because of the nature of its work.
This was the reaction of the PNP on Wednesday on the data released by the Ombudsman (Ombudsman) on Tuesday showing that the PNP was second among the top 10 government agencies with the most number of cases filed before the Ombudsman.
"If we look at the data released by the Ombudsman, understandably because of the nature of work of the PNP marami din kami natatanggap na kaso pero mas kakaunti ang 2016 so we are improving," PNP Public Information Office (PIO) chief and spokesman Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos said in a press conference in Camp Crame, Quezon City.
Data from the Ombudsman showed that there were 1,022 cases filed against PNP officers as of 2016 compared to the more than 1,200 cases filed in 2015.
"We have cases wherein the nature of the cases against policemen is something nothing to do with our work," Carlos said.
The PNP official noted that there are cases which are personal and that there are cases with the Ombudsman wherein the complainant is the PNP.
Carlos explained that the nature of work of the PNP is such that the police are in the middle of opposing parties in a case and most of the time, when the police go to one side and file a case against another, they return and file a case to get back.
However, the PNP is optimistic about the decreasing number of cases filed before the Ombudsman against PNP officers.
"We look at the positive way na we have less cases last year compared to the previous year that are filed at Ombudsman filed at investigating (bodies)," Carlos said.
The PNP also expressed its confidence for the decrease in the number of cases filed against their personnel.
"We hope to lower the number of cases in the coming years," Carlos said.
On the other hand, the PNP expects to have more cases with the ongoing "internal cleansing" to rid its ranks of scalawags.
"Dadami sa magpafile ng kaso sa amin within the organization and most of the time, we are doing our campaign against scalawags," Carlos said.
The PNP official said that this would be more evident with the investigation to be conducted by the IAS (Internal Affairs Office) because this is the no. 1 main investigating body plus the CITF (Counter-Intelligence Task Force).
The IAS and the CITF are mandated to file cases against erring policemen.
"They (the public) can avail of these bodies (IAS/CITF) to file cases against policemen," Carlos said.
At the same time, the PNP urged the public not to use the investigating bodies to harass the policemen.
"Kapag mali, we don't tolerate. If these are harassment cases against policemen, we will provide necessary support," Carlos said. (PNA)
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